Storage Auction Checklist

Be Prepared
Don’t Look Like A Rookie

Here’s a list of what you will want to have with you when you go to a storage auction:

My Storage Auction Checklist

  • Dress for Success – Wear your work clothes and comfortable, sturdy shoes. No High Heels and Sun Dresses on this crew. Be ready to stand around during the auction, and to get dirty afterward.
  • Locks – Bring your own. When you buy a unit, you will need to secure it before you walk away from them.
  • Bottled Water – It’s hot standing out there in the sun. Unloading the unit is hard work. Don’t get dehydrated.
  • Flashlight – It can be hard to see into the back of a dark storage unit when your eyes are used to being out in the sun. I like to wear dark sunglasses and look over them once I am in the shade of the doorway. A mega candlepower spotlight goes a long way to helping see through the dark.
  • Sunscreen – Do it. You don’t want to be cooked by the end of the day, or look like a football by the time you’re ready to retire. Skin Cancer is a long term health risk of extended intense sun exposure.
  • Rain Gear and Tarps – Some Auctioneers will cancel because of bad weather, and others will have you standing out in gale force winds to bid. Take a parka or a rain suit. If the weather is bad, win the bids, lock em up, and come back tomorrow when the sun is shining. I’ve seen creative storage unit buyers string a tarp between the building and their truck to make enough of a dry spot to sort under. If you are going to flea markets or swap meets, you probably have a tarp and some rope ready to go . . . right???
  • Gloves – You don’t know what might be in there. Protect your hands. Chances are, they didn’t booby trap their storage unit, but things get broken during the move.
  • Hand Cleaner – Be prepared to clean up your hands some after you are done. I keep a roll of paper towels and a small can of hand cleaner in my auction kit.
  • First Aid Kit – Just in case. Be prepared to get scraped and poked. It’s bound to happen.
  • Pack a Lunch – I like to stay on site until my units are loaded out. This can make for a long day. A cooler and a few sandwiches can be a nice snack after a few hours of sorting and loading a storage unit.
  • Eat Breakfast – It is the most important meal of the day. Fuel your body before you go stand in the sun for hours and then have to load out your unit.

Be Prepared – It’s not just a slogan for Boy Scouts

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