Florida Reality TV Home to Auction

Florida Home built by ABC Reality Television Show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is set to go to Foreclosure Auction at the end of February.

The 4300 square foot home was built in 2005, and is currently valued at almost $350k.

The home was in foreclosure due to an outstanding lien of approximately $100k.

As of the airing of the show in 2005, the father of three was unable to work for health reasons, and the mother was working two full time jobs while going to school.

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California Considers Auctions to Solve Storage Fee Shortfall

In the face of massive budget shortfalls, the state of California is considering selling some surplus assets on Internet auction site eBay.

California keeps $166 million worth of portable medical equipment at the ready in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster which could damage multiple hospitals and medical centers. It costs the state nearly $6 million annually to cover storage and maintenance of the equipment.

California isn’t the only state making cuts in services and equipment in an effort to balance their budgets. Many states and counties have taken the route that California is considering, and are offering their excess inventories on eBay. Some agencies use traditional live public auctions to sell their surplus equipment.

Stay tuned for updates as we find leads for upcoming federal, state, and county government auctions.

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Large Turnout for Missouri Seizure Auction

Former Nixa, MO city employees convicted of embezzlement of more than a million dollars. More than a thousand people were at an Auction of the property seized from their homes.

Auction items included firearms, ATV’s, restaurant equipment, mowers, a tanning bed, flat screen tv’s, a horse saddle, tools furniture, and clothes. Some of the merchandise was brand new, still sealed in original packaging.

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Tulsa County Sheriff Holds Gun Auction

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office raises more than $22k from Seized Gun Auction. There were 180 firearms which had been confiscated from criminals over the passed several years.

In an effort to ensure the guns do not fall into the wrong hands, this sale was not a public auction. The bidding was limited to Federal Firearms Licensed gun dealers.

Funds from the auction will be used for training.

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