Retired Ohio Highway Patrol Cruiser

The State of Ohio will hold a public vehicle auction at the State Surplus Property Lot on December 8th 2018.

Bidders can expect more than 70 vehicles at this sale. There will be a wide variety of vehicles retired from service in various state departments.

Highlights of this Surplus Vehicle Auction Included:

  • at least 12 Dodge Charger Police Package Sedans, 2012-2016 model years, in a wide range of condition. Some are All-Wheel-Drive. These are retired Ohio State Highway Patrol Cruisers. They make a great platform for your sport-sedan build.
  • At least 4 2006-2012 Chevrolet Tahoe C1500 2WD Police Package SUV
  • Ford Focus SE Sedans, 2011-2012 models. Ford Fusion Sedans, 2011-2012 models. Looking for an affordable car to send the kid off to college?

There will also be an assortment of pickups and cargo vans.

drivers side view of 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe Plice Package SUV

  • This is an Absolute Auction.
  • All vehicles will sell to the highest bidder.
  • All Sales are Final.
  • All vehicles are sold on an AS-IS basis.

Driver side view of silver ford sedan.

Gates open at 8:00am the day of the sale. Bidding begins at 9:00.

The Surplus Property Vehicle Lot will be open for inspections The week prior to the auction, from 8:00am until 3:00pm.


This public vehicle auction is being held on behalf of the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS). This link will take you to the full vehicle list and all details for this sale.

The State Surplus Property Vehicle Lot is located at 4200 Surface Road in Columbus. The Outerbelt at West Broad Street.