The last Toledo Police Department Seized Vehicle Auction was Saturday, September 22 2018 at the TPD Impound Lot on Dura Avenue in North Toledo. I will update this page as soon

as I have a date for the next sale.

Updated Mid-November 2018 – At this point in the season, I do not expect there to be another Impound lot auction this year. I expect the next sale to be mid-March of 2019.

Bidders can expect approximately eighty vehicles at this public sale. Vehicles range from ATV’s and motorcycles to automobiles and light-duty trucks.

All vehicles sold on an as is basis. Please do your due-diligence before bidding.

The vehicles at this sale will be in a wide range of condition; there will be some that are wrecked, only worthwhile for parts, and there will be others that could be driven home. I speak from personal experience. I have gone to TPD auctions and drove home in vehicles that started with a jump.

Gates will open at 9:00 for preview and vehicle inspection. Bidding begins at 11:00.

This public auto auction is conducted by Pam Rose, Auctioneer. Please let her know you found her auction on my site.

Pamela Rose Auction

Toledo Police Impound Auction Info Page

Toledo Police Impound Lot on Google Maps