New York to host Reality TV Auction Show

The reality TV shows have caught on to the excitement and fun that an auction can be. There are several auction shows on basic cable this season. We like them all. From Paul and his crew at Gallery 63 in Atlanta, to cast of characters competing for unclaimed storage units in southern California.

It seems the Auction buzz has found its way to New York City. According to a posting in the talent section of Craigslist, Television producer Charles Kramer is auditioning for an upcoming Reality TV Auction show set in the big apple.

We’re glad to see that the auction show craze is going east coast. I’m sure that an NYC auction could turn up all sorts of interesting and unusual bits of history.

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California Considers Auctions to Solve Storage Fee Shortfall

In the face of massive budget shortfalls, the state of California is considering selling some surplus assets on Internet auction site eBay.

California keeps $166 million worth of portable medical equipment at the ready in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster which could damage multiple hospitals and medical centers. It costs the state nearly $6 million annually to cover storage and maintenance of the equipment.

California isn’t the only state making cuts in services and equipment in an effort to balance their budgets. Many states and counties have taken the route that California is considering, and are offering their excess inventories on eBay. Some agencies use traditional live public auctions to sell their surplus equipment.

Stay tuned for updates as we find leads for upcoming federal, state, and county government auctions.

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