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Toledo Surplus Fleet Vehicle Auction November 2020

Updated November 6th, 2020.

I went to the auction preview this morning. It looks like they added a few more units to the sale. 

The maintenance records are in most of the vehicles I looked at. 

The vehicles are in a variety of conditions. Typical rust belt problems. Blown brake lines, or replaced, dead batteries, transmissions that won’t engage, and of course, corrosion. 

If you’re planning on going, do your due diligence. 

I’m super excited for the November 2020 Toledo surplus fleet vehicle auction

City fleet auctions are absolutely my favorite. I have gone to several over the years and have always been happy with what I brought home. 

Police Impound Auctions

Columbus Impound Auctions Postponed

Updated April 14th, 2021.

Auction News

Auctioneers Face New Challenges In The 2020 Season

Updated August 15, 2020

An Auction house is like a community center

People look forward to seeing their friends while being entertained by curiosities and the unusual.

Public Auto Auction

Greater Cleveland Auto Auction Public Vehicle Sales

Used car shopping can be a drag. Hours of going from used car dealership to dealership, dealing with inexperienced salesmen that just want to turn you over to the finance manager, who will keep you waiting while he checks your credit and cooks up a deal that you’ll agree to just so you get this done and go on with your day….

Or you can spend days searching craigslist, waiting for email responses to find out that the car has already been sold (thanks for taking your ad down) or it’s still available, and when you get there, it is far from the condition they claimed in the ad.

One time, I went to look at

Auction News

Georgia Motorcycle Depot Sold To The Walls

On Saturday September 29, Georgia Motorcycle Depot sold the contents of their shop and approximately 50 motorcycles at a No Reserve Public Auction.

In addition to British motorbikes, they will also sold all inventory from the parts department, including new, NOS and used vintage motorcycle parts for

Police Impound Auctions

Cincinnati Police Impound Auction December, 2020

Updated December 3, 2020

Cincinnati Police Auction to be held on December 5th, 2020 at 10:00AM.

Highlights of this Police Impound Auction include:

State Surplus Auctions

State Surplus Fleet Vehicle Auction November 2020 in Columbus Ohio

Updated November 2, 2020

The State of Ohio will conduct a public vehicle auction of Federal and State Surplus Vehicles in Columbus on Saturday November 14, 2020.

Bidders can expect approximately 130 vehicles at this no reserve public auto auction. There will be a wide variety of vehicles retired from service in various state departments. Bidders can expect to find a selection of law enforcement vehicles, pickup trucks, passenger and cargo vans, and heavy equipment.